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The Balearic Islands is one of the most important tourist destinations for many people in Spain and around the world. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea between the south of Spain and part of the coastline of North Africa. It is really known for having the wildest and craziest nightclubs around the Mediterranean area. The Balearic Islands is divided into two main groups: the Pitiusas in the south, and the Gimnesias in the north.

Visitors can find a larger number of resorts in different parts of the islands. However since 1960, Mallorca and Ibiza have been the two most favorite destinations because each island contains a huge variety of attractions. Plenty of young and single people visit the islands each year thus creating an active nightlife around the zone. There are amazing resorts and a large number of elegant hotels throughout Mallorca and Ibiza.

Even though Mallorca and Ibiza are trendy places that offer an excellent nightlife, the services provided around these sites are quite expensive. However, tourists are able to visit other interesting places such as Formentera, Minorca and Cabrera. In these places you will observe a friendly hospitality, exquisite seafood and a rich cultural heritage along with many archeological sites and nature sceneries.

A lot of gay people visit the islands every year as well; the locals are really tolerant. You can currently find many flights that depart from various European airports. The high season (June and September) can turn out to be a little bit expensive. Tourists should book ticket flights and hotel reservations with anticipation (several months before the desired date) in order to avoid paying excessively absurd prices.

Itís hard to rent a car during the high season because theyíre in high demand. Thatís why many people who visit the Islands rent bicycles. However, bicycling can be dangerous and it is recommendable to check the insurance policy, just in case.

Balearic Islanders speak Catalan as a result of the Moors Invasion in the 13th century. However, there is another dialect that local people speak and it is called Castilian (Spanish.)

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