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Soft Drinks And Hot Drinks

Nowadays, large quantities of soft drinks are consumed in every corner of Spain; they are much the same as anywhere else in the world, although a favorite for travelers are the slushes, known as "granizado". These very popular Spanish drink taken as refreshment during summer season. It's advisable to avoid carbonated citrus drinks on sale, because they are filled with artificial ingredients; most of them have never seen an orange, much less a lemon, you can try instead a reliable Schweppes.

The many cafes over running Spain have made coffee very popular among tourists; who've dubbed it as the best Spanish hot drink. Spanish coffee is usually strong; black coffee is mostly served espresso style and known as "Solo" (alone); the "Americano" coffee is long, black and very strong, while "carajillo" is a cup of coffee with brandy. There is a large list of Spanish coffee styles since they have largely replaced beer and wine as a morning drink.

Other hot drinks are tea and chocolate; tea is usually served with milk and the herbal infusionscan be found in cafes or restaurants around Spain. Spanish chocolate is very sweet; it's a popular morning drink, although many Spanish also drink a cup of chocolate after merienda (afternoon snack). Bars, cafes and restaurant offer both soft and hot drinks, each establishment keeping a unique style to serve them.

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