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Breakfast, snacks and sandwiches

Spanish people consider meals as an important social activity; they usually start their mornings with a continental breakfast; a ritual they call "ir a desayunar" (go out for breakfast), they enjoy drinking coffee and eating churros (strips of fried dough dipped in a cup of thick hot cocoa). Foreign people consider Spanish coffee very strong and bitter for their tastes so they usually ask for a more diluted American coffee.

Snacks and sandwiches are a very important part of the food culture of Spain; one can find smallfood shops around all of Spain that offer traditional snacks known as tapas. Snacks in Spain include coffee or tea with milk and sandwiches or pastries. Sandwiches and snacks are the key to a Mediterranean diet, if you want to experience the feel of a native Spanish, you can adapt your culinary habits tothe several interesting culinary details that this country has to offer.

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