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Eating and Drinking in Spain

Spanish cuisine is as varied as Spanish landscapes. Regions go hand-in-hand with their culinary culture. Restaurants and dining rooms (comedores) are the two ways to eat out in Spain. There is a wide range of restaurants around Spain; the big cities offer international, traditional and regional food; and the five-star restaurants offer large menusof all these types of dishes. Spanish food reflects the variety of traditions in Spain, although many people confuse Spanish cuisine with Latin American food, it has created its own identity that is unique around the world.

Spanish cooking has inherited many things from the Moors cuisine; they introduced Middle Eastern elements such as saffron and rice. Most of the cuisine of this country is based in Mediterranean ingredients like garlic, olive oil, peppers and tomatoes, many Spanish chefs combine foreign ingredients to create new flavors on their dishes. Nowadays, Spanish food has become a touristic attraction on its own; there are many travelers, who visit Spain just to learn more about its culinary culture.

Everybody has heard about gazpacho (the vegetable soup), tapas (the Spanish snack)and paella (the huge seafood dish based on rice), the mostwell-known dishes of Spain. Spanish restaurants have taken great effort these recent years to promote their local cuisine. They currently offer ahigh quality of service, and most of them take special care in high lighting the importance of their typical food. It's not unusual to find even in the most unimaginable places, beautiful tourist resorts offering the Spanish traditional cuisine.

Eating and drinking in Spain is a wonderful experience; Spanish cuisine has a wide range of menus,and many different kinds of restaurants, so there is no excuse not to enjoy this marvelous cuisine. Many culinary students come from all over the world to learn about the Spanish cuisine because its dishes still preserve many traditional techniques used to cook its ingredients and many international chefs include a typical Spanish recipe among their menus because of its rich gastronomy.

Although we in Spain promote the Mediterranean diet, not everyone follows it at this time. And it is why the Spanish average of the adult population is BMI 27. The man stands with a higher point than women (BMI 27,50). And a Body Mass Index of more than 27 is overweight. Being overweight increases your risk of developing coronary heart disease, as well as other health conditions such as diabetes. Regular physical activity reduces the risk for many diseases, helps control weight, and strengthens muscles, bones, and joints. Being physically active and eating fewer calories will help you lose weight and keep weight off over time. Physical activity also will benefit you in other ways.
Try to use this bmi calculator for men calculates body mass index from your Weight and Height and also shows how your weight compares to other men of the same height and age.


The Spanish "traditional" breakfast is small, but tasty, and usually consists of a cup of coffee with a slice of toast and jam, a pastry or churros.
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The true tapas and raciones of Spain are not merely things to eat; they represent an important part of folk Spanish cuisine. The word tapa means "lids" in Spanish language.
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Spain has a wide range of restaurants; Spanish people enjoy eating out a lot. Spanish restaurants can be classified according to the kind of food they offer.
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There are several bars around Spain; and besides the legal age in Spain of 18, the enforcement in tourist and clubbing areas is lax.
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Nowadays, large quantities of soft drinks are consumed in every corner of Spain; they are much the same as anywhere else in the world.
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Cooking schools

Cooking schools in Spain

The main goal of cooking schools is the training of professionals in cuisine, in national and international cuisine. For this reason the cooking school offers the possibility of taking courses and majors for lovers and fans of this beautiful art. Students can also learn about new trends in cuisine, wines, preparation of local dishes and how to make the best desserts. Nowadays, there are many opportunities for cooks over the world.

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