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Spain is one of most the popular countries in the Iberian Peninsula; it has several interesting features that attracts thousands of people from different parts of the globe. This Mediterranean country is a member of the European Union and it’s located in the southeastern part of Europe. Spain is the perfect place to take a memorable vacation time; it has the best places to enjoy, and offers interesting activities to do, fabulous things to see, and unforgettable experiences to get.

History of Spain

A large number of stunning cities in the country have a rich cultural legacy and magnificent constructions from ancient times. For instance, Granada is an extraordinary city that has well-preserved and big natural spaces. Visitors can find the famous Alhambra there. The Alhambra is a Moorish construction that’s used as a palace of the Nasrid sultans. It is considered as a romantic and sensual European monument and it represents a large and traditional Moorish heritage in Spain.

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Barcelona attractions

Another beautiful and important city in Spain is Barcelona, the city that hosts the Olympic Games since 1990 and it is one of the most spectacular cities in Spain. Barcelona is very modern and it’s a good example of development, prosperity and stability. The night life in Barcelona is one of the most active around Spain; there are many bars and nightclubs where foreign and local people visit every weekend. Barcelona has many buildings with Romanesque and Gothic architectonic style. However, the most predominant and respected in Barcelona is the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Barcelona is situated near the border with France.

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Madrid attractions

Madrid, as the capital of the country, has interesting activities to offer. As the same as Barcelona, the city has an important night life. There are a larger variety of clubs and bars. There are main places in Madrid such as the Gran Vía, Plaza de Isabel II and Argüelles/Moncloa where visitors can spend a good time with good music and fresh beverages.

Cordoba attractions

Even though Cordoba is a small province, the area is quite nice. In ancient times, Cordoba was a principal city of the Romans and it also was the central base for the western Islamic Empire. The Mezquita is an example of the Moorish legacy; it is now is considered as the most beautiful mosque and as a masterpiece.

Spain has also other spectacular and important tourist attractions to discover around its territory.

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