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Wiring money

Wiring Money to Spain is not as difficult as the majority of people think. The process is quite simple and fast. However, the transaction fees are usually expensive due to the international wire transfer services, and that's why this activity is not very usual. However, there are a large number of institutions in Spain that provide this type of service. As an example we can mention important ones such as First National, Bank of America, MRW, Western Union, Citibank and Money Gram.

For further information, foreigners can call the following numbers or visit the webpages below:

  • Money Gram (Madrid, Spain)
  • Website:
    Phone:901 20 10 10

  • MRW (General Álvarez de Castro Street, 41 28010 Madrid, Spain)
  • Website:
    Phone:902 300 400 / 34 91 593 00 35

  • Western Union (Madrid, Spain)
  • Website:
    Phone:902 11 1018

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