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The Visa Travel Money Card is basically a dispensable debit card that foreigners use in order to avoid theft or any other inconveniences during the trip. The Visa Travel Money can be used in more than 457,000 Visa ATMs around 120 nations in the world. Tourists can get the Visa Travel Money in many banks around the world.

In addition, each back possesses a Visa Global Customer Assistance Service that provides help 24/7. A good advantage of the Visa Travel Money card is the fact that one person can obtain nine cards simultaneously.

For further information about Spain, tourists have to call the following number: 900 99 1124. There are plenty of establishments such as restaurants, bars, department stores and some hotels in Spain that accept this type of debit card. It is really easy to use; you only have to make a purchase and the amount is immediately going to be subtracted from the card.

Once that there's no money in the card, the owner can throw the card away. However if the owner is victim of a theft, he/she has to call the Visa Global Customer Assistance Service and cancel it as fast as possible. Tourists can also use the visa travel money in order to get some cash. Foreigners can only obtain dollars.

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