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Youth and student discounts

There are 3 cards that are internationally recognized: ISIC, ITIC, IYTC. All of them are products of the ISIC Association and they work under the bulwark of UNESCO. These cards are recognized by the European Council on Culture as well as by the Andean Community of Nations. The cards are valid in over 120 countries (including Spain) and they are used by over 4.5 million students worldwide.

Student discount cards in Spain

The ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) is the most used product and it serves full-time students of High Schools, Colleges and Universities so this student status is recognized for plenty of discounts.

The ITIC card (International Teacher Identity Card) serves to full-time teachers and professors for the same purpose, i. e. a recognition of their profession and the obtaining numerous discounts.

The IYTC card (International Youth Travel Card) is meant for young people that are under 26 years of age, and it provides similar benefits.

You can use these discounts for educational purposes, and entering cultural (music festivals, art exhibitions, fair trades) and historical places and to apply for a discount in restaurants, cinemas, shops, hotels, hostels, campsites, as well as to buy discounted air tickets, train and bus tickets, etc.

For further information about discounts in Spain, please visit and select a Spanish city where you would like to use your card.

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