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Changing money in Spain

Spain, along with other twelve countries in Europe, has a common currency named Euro. The idea was a great initiative of the European Union to create a better cohesion among European countries. The plan came into force in 2002. This is a good advantage to many people who want to explore Europe; these people would not have to stand in line at banks trying to change their own money to obtain the local currency. However, this is has also posed a disadvantage: for instance, a lot of American people visit Spain and cannot easily find places to exchange their own money-from dollars to Euros.

Fortunately, a large number of hotels in Spain know the reality of their clients and allow the exchanging of foreign currency to Euros. In fact, the most important resorts in this part of the Iberia Peninsula have an exchange office.

Banks in Spain

Banks are usually considered as the perfect place to change foreign currencies into Euros. Indeed, there are plenty of banks in the area. However, sometimes visitors have to fill a lot of forms and show several identifications. Sometimes there is not a qualified person that speaks English and this may make the process a little bit frustrating.

Banco Santander Central Hispano
Banco Popular Español

La Caixa

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