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Transports in Cordoba

Cordoba center is small, and travelers can visit it walking. The following are other ways of transportation for visiting the town:

By bus

Bus transportation is really cheap and lots of people prefer it. There are maps visitors can use in order to plan their trip. If people are planning to take a lot of buses, it is better they buy a bus card, since the card is valid for 10 trips and this way they can save money. It is also possible to get a discount buying multi-tickets.

By car

Renting a car in Cordoba is not recommended since Cordoba is a small city, and public parking places are always occupied. Of course there are also private parking places. We recommend visitors use public parking places that are located outside the old town, they are small, and one is located in Calle Robledo and the other in Calle Aeropuerto.

By Horse and carriage

If visitors are looking for a romantic way to visit Cordoba “Los Coches a Caballo” are a perfect choice, their route is around the Mezquita and Alcázar. Visitors can find them in the “Juderia” and in the “Plaza Campo Santo”. The price of the ride is around 40 Euros ( it is recommended to set the price before you take one).

“Los Coches a Caballo” are small, so it is not a good idea to enter to some narrow streets. Of course, there are also some obligated stops such as “Calle Torrijos”, “the Mezquita” and “the Alcázar”. By "Blobject"

It is a nice way to visit the city. The Blobjects are small electric cars that visitors can take to get around the town; they can enter to places where regular cars are not allowed. People can rent these nice cars at 30 Euros for 2 hours.

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