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Parks in Cordoba

In general Spain has the different kind of parks and gardens from all the cities. Cordova is not a exception, there are many different parks and gardens in Cordova, depends of the thematic and the environment of the place where the park is located. The botanic parks and gardens are commonly in the city of Cordoba. The Patios has a place in the old part of the city its name Juderia, for many years the point when the people meet them was the central patio. In the below list there is a description for the principal gardens, parks and patios.

Jardines de la Victoria

Jardines de la Victoria that translated means Victoria Gardens; into these gardens there are two newly renovated facilities, one of these facilities is the old Caseta del Circulo de la Amistad that mean friendship circle booth, in these days is just called Caseta Victoria, the other facility is the Kiosco de la Musica, this modern fountain is from the early 20th century. The north of the sector is the gardens with the name of Duque de Rivas.

Jardines de la Agricultura

Agricultural Gardens is located between the Jardines de la Victoria and the Paseo de Córdova and the principal characteristic is that it has many trails around the Fountain, every trail around the park ends on the center of the park. In some parts of Spain and in the same city of Cordova the park is known like Duck Pond. These gardens have different kinds of plants and some of these are in extinction like ginkgo part of the Mesozoic vegetation.

Miraflores Park

The park of Miraflores is located in south Guadalquivir, the park was inaugurated in May 2003, one of the last park create in the last years. This zone of the city and specifically this park was a destination for the governing house or a politic palace, but the people recovered this place for making some exceptional park for recreation center. The architect who designs this place was Juan Cuenca Montilla.

Paseo de Cordoba

Córdoba has no sea or sand, and gulls, but its own seafront, some 1,800 meters of gardens, fountains and huge lanterns officially called Paseo de Córdoba. In the morning, territory managers and clerks. In the evenings, skaters and the elderly. This main garden is located in underground of the train tracks; the ride has different items about history, life and some expressions of the other cultures with waterfalls.

Parque de la Asomadilla

This second largest park of Andalucía Cordoba, has a big number of species like a forest and diversity of plants; the flora and wildlife of this place has a diversity of 18 species of flora and more than 1200 trees planted in different types; the order of these species about the number of items are: Espinos, Granados, Quercus, Almezos, Olivos, Tamarindos, Cipreses, Olmos, Pinos, Acebuches, Algarrobos, Palmitos, Sabinas, Fresno, Chopos y Alamos.

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