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Nightlife in Cordoba

After a busy day of touring around Cordoba, the only thing you may want to do is to have time to relax and have fun.

Although, the nightlife in week days is not too busy, it is the complete opposite in weekends, you can visit a lot of places and have real fun. You can have a lot of fun visiting the flamenco clubs, where they practice the traditional dance of Cordoba, "Flamenco" as part of the show. If you want to see a flamenco festival you can visit the city the last week of May.

Name Tablao Cardenal
Phone 95-748-31-12
Address Calle Torrijos 10
Operation hours Shows are presented Tuesday to Saturday at 10:30pm
Price 18€ ($26) that includes your first drink.
Details It is one of the most popular flamenco bars in the town, in the club you can enjoy a show with different kinds of music such as: flamenco, solea, bulerias and alegrias.
Name Mesón Flamenco La Bulería
Phone 957 – 48 38 39
Address C/ Pedro López, 3
Price The entrance of 11€ ($16) includes your first drink.
Details It is located in a traditional Cordoban house; it presents one of the best flamenco shows in town and the magnificent dishes of the area.
Name Gran Teatro de Córdoba
Phone 95-748-02-37
Address Av. Gran Capitán 3
Details They keep shows of ballet, opera music and symphony. It opens from 10 to 14h and from 18 to 21h., from Monday to Sunday.

Pubs & Bars in Córdoba

Perhaps the most classical and popular way of having fun in Cordoba is going out and enjoying a Tapas Bar, they are all over the city and serve wonderful food, excellent beer and of course the tasty local wine.

Name Bar Círculo Taurino
Phone 95-747-19-53
Address Calle Manuel María Arcona 1
Details It is a small place where you canconsume beer and wine;locals usually gather here to discuss bullfighters from Andalusian.
Name Casa Rubio
Phone 95-742-08-53
Address Puerta de Almódovar 5
Details It is in a traditional house with drinks and food, it was a favorite place for reunions back in the time, and hasthree floors, each one, serves different kind of food.
Name El Juramento
Phone 957 – 48 54 77
Address Juramento St., 6
Details Located in the center of the city, it has 3 saloons, with a capacity of almost 65 people. It is the perfect place for small family reunions.
Name El Sótano
Phone 957-94 10 99
Address Plaza de la Corredera, 1
Details With a capacity of approximately 96 people, it has a nice view of the plaza, where there are some presentations.
Name Media Luna
Phone 678 - 29 65 85
Address Calleja de la luna St., 3
Details With a unique environment, it is located in front of "Puerta de la Luna,"perfect to chill-out.

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