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Arriving Cordoba

Whenever you try to reach Cordoba, you can pick one of the four next options:

  • By plane. –it is not very popular among the population of Spain, since the airport of Cordoba is pretty small and it does not have a schedule since this medium of transportation is not popular.

  • By train. – Traveling by train to Cordoba is the most popular way of transportation, Cordoba is also the point of entrance to almost every province of Andalucía, and it is the most important city in the route between Madrid and Seville. The rail routes work with the AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) or high-speed of Spain.

  • By bus. – Getting by bus to Cordoba is very popular also, and it is perhaps the safest way to travel. There are several bus stations in Spain, some of them are:


Name Alsina Graells Sur
Phone 95-727-81-00
Address Diego Serrano 14, lying on the outskirts of the city near Paseo de la Victoria.
Route Most buses travel between Córdoba to Seville, 10 to 13 buses per day. Two hours trip.
Price 8.55€ ($10) for a one-way ticket
Name Transportes Ureña
Phone 95-740-45-58
Address Cervantes Av. 22, a few blocks south from the train station.
Route You'll find a bus connection between Jaén and Córdoba.
Name Secorbus
Phone 90-222-92-92
Route Offers the least expensive bus runs between Madrid and Córdoba. But the trip takes 4 1/2 hours.
Price 15.35€ ($23) for a one-way ticket.
  • By car. – If you are new in town, we do not recommend traveling by car, you are going to need instructions for every part of the trip. If you're coming to Cordoba though, take the N-331 if you come from Malaga; if you come from Seville or Madrid take the N-IV, and if you're coming from Portugal take route N-432.
Rent a Car in Cordoba, Spain:
 Avenida de America, s/n - (Phone) 957 40 20 60
 Plaza de Colon, 32 - (Phone) 957 47 68 62

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