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Casinos in Spain

One popular past-time in Spain is casino gambling, the rise in online casinos as well as land based has created an increase in appeal. With the popular demand, it means there are plenty of casinos to choose from in Spain. One of the most frequently visited places in Spain is Madrid, the nations capital and largest city. The most popular casino hear is the Casino Gran Madrid which is packed full of the most popular table games, along with a number of different slot machines and poker tournaments.

Poker in Madrid

Poker is a very popular casino game in spain and casinos such as the Casino Gran Madrid offer a variety of Spanish - or 'synthetic' - Poker. There are other casinos in the city other than the Gran Casino. The smaller 'Casino Aranjuez' is a popular choice. As the Casino Aranjuez is much smaller in size it understandably has fewer games, however it still does offer a variety like sites. Due to its smaller nature, it does offer a more relaxed environment. Outside of Madrid in another popular part of Spain is the Catalonia region. Probably most famous for being the home of FC Barcelona, it does offer some great casinos.

Casino de Barcelona

In fact the Casino de Barcelona is rated as one of the best casinos in Spain. It boasts a massive variety of slot machines and an array of table games. The table games are open from 4pm to 5am, allowing plenty of time for a game of poker or roulette. The Casino de Bracelona's main rival is the other main casino in the region, the 'Gran casino Costa Brava, which offers a similar range of table and slot games. The fact that there are so many casinos in Spain just goes to show how popular they are with both tourists and locals. Those interested in casinos who visit Spain will not be disappointed.

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