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The City of Cadiz

Cadiz is also known as the oldest European City, this city was founded by Phoenician Culture more that 3000 year ago, which gave the name of Cadir. This is a beautiful city is visited by many people from all over the world. Cadiz is a very old city that is why one can find many tourist attractions that served as inspiration for many artists.

Among its main tourist attractions are of course its beaches. Cadiz city is surrounded by golden sandy beaches; a particular feature of these beaches is that some of them are nudists and are widely visited. Thanks to its mild weather; one can visit Cadiz beaches all year round.

Another important Cadiz city features are its architectural styles. One can find buildings with different styles; the most common is the Arabic style, so there are narrow cobblestone streets that open to plazas. Another clear example is the Gran Teatrofalla constructed in pink brick and boasting Mudejar style arches.

There are many other tourist attractions to visit in Cadiz such as:

Cádiz can boast of an unusual Cathedral of various architectural styles. This Cathedral was completed in 1260 and then burned down in 1596. The reconstruction, which was not started until 1776, was supervised by the architect VicenteAcero, who had also built the Granada Cathedral. Though the cathedral was originally intended to be a baroque edifice, it has many rococo elements, and was finally completed in the neoclassical style.

Cádiz Travel Guide Cádiz Travel Guide

The Gran Teatro Falla, this century-old red brick building, is a cultural institution that is part of the fabric of old Cadiz. The original Gran Teatro was constructed in 1871 by the architect García del Alamo, and was destroyed in an August 1881 fire. The current theatre was built between 1884 and 1905 over the remains of the previous Gran Teatro. It was finally completed in 1905. The theater was renamed as the Gran Teatro Falla in 1926 to honor the noted Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.

A small plaza (Plaza de Falla) fronts the north (main) facade of the Gran Teatro Falla. There are programs scheduled throughout the year. The ticket booth is on the east side of the theater, selling tickets for upcoming events as well as day-of-performance tickets.

Cádiz Travel Guide Cádiz Travel Guide

The "Ayuntamiento" (Town Hall) (Plaza San Juan de Dios s/n - Phone: 95-624-10-00) which stands facing the port across the square of San Juan De Dios, was built in two stages: In 1799 and the second in 1861. The town hall is dramatically illuminated at night. Inside there's not much to see except an impressive chapter house. The Bells of the Town Hall play Fallas music called 'The three cornered hat' every hour. The Town Hall is open on Saturday only from 11am to 3pm and the admission is free.

Cádiz Travel Guide Cádiz Travel Guide

The Tavira Tower was part of the palace of the Marquis of Recano and was named after its first watchman D. Antonio Tavira. This highest and most important of the city's old towers is a fine place to get your bearings and affords a dramatic panorama of the city. Around 1800, Cádiz had more than 160 towers from which local merchants could look out to sea for arriving merchant ships. These towers often formed part of their houses. Now the tower has become a Camera Obscura: A room that uses the principal of the pinhole camera to project panoramic views of the Old City, upside-down, onto its interior walls.

Cádiz Travel Guide Cádiz Travel Guide

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