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Cadiz Travel Guide

Cadiz Beaches

Cadiz is home to a multitude of amazingly breathtaking beaches considered as the most beautiful in Spain. Cadiz Beaches can offer you a wide variety of beaches,with glorious sunsets and quaint seaside villages, which will satisfy perfectly your needs.

Cadiz is surrounded by the sea so one can find many beaches, where people practice many water sports such asScuba diving , Underwater photography , Fishing , Surfing , Water skiing, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Skimboarding and Boating.

Apart from water sports, there areothers enjoyable water activities such as whale watching considered one of the most spectacular entertainments worldwide,you can also swim with the dolphins and the whales in the Strait of Gibraltar.

For a more relaxing time simply soak in the rays sunbathing, take a leisurely stroll along the Cadiz beach or go for a long horseback ride. With its near perfect weather all year round, Cadiz features several beaches to chill and have a wonderful time.Fall in love with the golden sand, crystal blue waters, sun, and a many miles of Cadiz beaches.

Cádiz Travel Guide
The beach of Cadiz
Cádiz Travel Guide

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