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Cadiz Travel Guide

Arriving Cadiz

Cadiz is a beautiful Spanish city that once served home to AmericoVespucio and Fernando de Magallanes. This city is located in the south of Spain and it’s believed that Cadiz is one of the oldest European cities. As soon as you arrive to Cadiz you will be amazedat how beautiful this city can be; that is why many people think that Cadiz is the best place for holydays.

The main feature of Cadiz is maybe the mixture of many cultures; evidence of this is its Cathedral, where one can find many architectural styles. Cadiz has a mild climate all year, so it is always good time to visit this amazing city. Its weather, beaches, Carnivals and its cuisine are only some reasons why you cannot fail to visit Cadiz.

Additional information
  • Police:
  • Telephone(+34) 956 29 75 00
    Address: AV. Andalucía 28.

  • General Information:
  • Telephone 112.

  • Firefighters:
  • Telephone 0800.

  • Puerta del Mar Hospital:
  • Telephone (+34) 956 00 21 00.
    Address: Av Ana de Viya, 21.

  • Nuestar Señora de la Salud Hospital:
  • Telephone (+34) 956 21 44 24.
    Address: Feduchy street 8-14

  • Post Office:
  • Telephone 956 21 05 11.
    Address: Plaza Topete.

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