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Barcelona Trains

Trains in Barcelona are mostly used for transport in the region of Catalonia and the rest of Spain but they are very good options for short-distance trips as well; they are comfortable, fast, clean, punctual, and have special discounts for both tourists and non-resident Spanish. Some of the train stations connect not only with RENFE, the national red of trains in Spain, but with the underground stations of metros; which is why when acquiring a ticket leaving Barcelona is important to find out through which station it departs since it could be Plaça de Catalunya, Sants, or Passeig de Gràcia.

The three commuting lines operated by the suburban train service, FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya), have the main railway station in Plaça Catalunya, and connect Barcelona with Manresa, Terrassa and Sabadell, besides having four other lines travelling to close-by towns.

The Sants station is one of the most prominent because it runs most of the arrivals and departures of the city and is mostly used for suburban and regional transport to connect the French border trains. Another important station is França because it connects to Milan, Paris and Zurich.

The high speed train connecting Madrid to Barcelona is very popular because it’s known to reach its destination faster than the regular flight, and is operated by AVE (Alta Velocidad Española or Spanish High Speed), which offers a complete refund if the train arrives with a five minutes difference from the advertised program.

Among some other significant facts about transport by trains in Barcelona you can use “Cercanias” - the commuter train network that runs throughout Spain’s major cities - and know that RENFE operates the medium-distance train network through “Avant.”

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