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Barcelona Taxis

Taxis in Barcelona are fairly easy to find and identify, you will be able to get one in the street or taxi ranks fast enough but if you need to secure your time and punctuality at your destination it’s better to book one communicating with the “Institut Metropolità del Taxi.” Taxis are yellow and black colors and the green light they light-up when they are available makes them visible at blocks of distance during nights, they usually operate by GPS though, so most of the times the cab drivers won’t know your destination right away and use its direction to find it, the problem with that is that traffic planners in Barcelona frequently change the directions of streets and you’ll inevitably find your cab at one point or another turning in opposite directions than the one to your final destination.

Cab drivers are also well known for their lack of language skills, since most of them speak only Spanish and have the local Catalonians and tourist struggling to communicate. Still, knowing the name of your destination should help you reach it rather quickly.

When you want to tip a driver, a not so common but fairly known habit, a five to ten percent of the total charge should be enough. You should know though that the obligations of the drivers with each passenger are the following:
  • Start the meter with the passenger inside at the beginning of the journey and stop it once the destination is reached.
  • Have change available for a €20 bank note.
  • Give a receipt with the date, license number, number plate, fiscal identity number and the amount charged.
  • Accept any passenger with a guide dog at any time.

This along other regulations and obligations of taxis by law, are pasted in the back of the seat in front of passengers or in a sticker in the backseat window.

Another important fact about Barcelona taxis is that they have two rates, “T-1” and “T-2;” T-1 operates on holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and the rest of the week from 20:00 hours to 08:00, and T-2 starts working the rest of the time from 08:00 to 20:00; the expression “Bajada de bandera,” literally meaning putting down the flag, refers to the charge every passenger must pay just to get into the taxi and have the green light of availability put out, (the reference to the flag is because back in time taxis used flags instead of the green light).

Below we portray a chart with the current (2011) taxi fares for Barcelona:

General fares:
  • Bajada de Bandera: 2.00 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Price per kilometer: 1.15 € (T-1) 0.90 € (T-2)
  • Hour of wait: 19.59 € (T-1) 19.49 €(T-2)
For taxis booked from a station:
  • Minimum fare: 7.00 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Maximum Price at cork: 4.20 € (T-1) 3.40 € (T-2)
  • Airport Minimum Fare: (Including fee of 3.10€) 20.00 € (for T-1 & T-2)
Extra fees:
  • Airport entrance - exit fee: 3.10 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Luggage or similar (bigger than 55x35x35cm): 1.00 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Muelle Adosado’s Exit: 2.10 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Fira Barcelona Gran Via Montjuïc 2 Exit: 2.10 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Sants Station exit: 2.10 € (for T-1 & T-2)
  • Bags under 55x35x35cm: (Free)
  • Guide dogs: (Free)
  • Wheelchairs: (Free)
  • Baby baskets: (Free)
  • Pets: (Free)
  • Special nights and holidays (20:00-08:00) 3.10 €
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