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Barcelona Funiculars & Cable cars

Barcelona Funiculars & Cable cars, there are many ways to reach the mountains of Montjuďc and Tibidabo, but there’s nothing like doing it through the funicular and cable cars of Barcelona. You can take first the Funicular of Montjuďc that’s linked to the TMB metro lines (L2 and L3) at the Parallel (or “Paral•lel”) Station and let it take you to Miramar Avenue, just in front of the Cable car station.

The Cable car of Montjuďc since 2007 has adapted new and more spacious carts that can easily take up to eight people and take you through spectacular views of the city through Plaça Catalonia, the Sacred Family, the cathedral, the port, the Olympic Villa, the Forum, etc. It goes from Miramar Av., or “Avinguda de Miramar,” to the pinnacle of the mountain of Montjuďc; it makes a stop in the middle of the journey in the “Mirador” and also on top of the mountain to visit the Castle and the Military museum. Those that get a roundtrip ticket can return in the cable car but a simple ticket will allow you to descend through the gardens of Petra Kelly or the Park “Mossen Cinto Verdager

To reach Montjuďc’s cable you can take the bus number 50, 55, 61 or 193 and come down on Miramar Av., you can access the cable car from across the street from Montjuďc’s Funicular so you’ll have to look for “Stacio del Funicular.” If you’re using a google map, this is near “Carrer de Tarongers.” You can also reach it taking the metro lines, L2 or L3. There are three stations:
  • Montjuďc Park
  • Mirador
  • Montjuďc Castle
The tickets are available in the following prices:
  • Adult simple ticket: 6,50€
  • Infant Simple ticket (4-12 years): 5,00€
  • Adult roundtrip ticket: 9,30€
  • Infant roundtrip ticket (4-12 years): 6.70 €
The schedule is:
  • April, May and October – Everyday from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • From June to September – Everyday from 10:00 to 21:00.
  • From November to March - Everyday from 10:00 to 18:00.

The Funicular of Montjuďc has been around since 1928 and ever since has been the most profitable, ecological and effortless way to reach Montjuďc, given that it’s linked to the TMB network, the same ticket is valid to take a ride in the funicular if you still have minutes left. Originally the funicular reached all the way up to the pinnacle of the mountain but nowadays, since the cable car started to operate, the second part of the funicular between the station of Paralel and the Castle station were suppressed. The funicular has two to three car train-sets; each can take 400 passengers from the Parallel station to Montjuďc’s Park at Miramar Av. in two minutes, taking it from 4 to 80 meters above sea level through 758 m at 36 kilometers per hour.

The now final station of the funicular in Miramar Av is very close to Mirö Foundation, the Olimpic ring and “Miramar,” a large public walk with excellent sights of the city and port.

Among other cable cars in Barcelona, there’s the Port's Air Ferry that connects the port with the mountain of Montjuďc; it’s almost as old as the funicular of Montjuďc and has three stops, Sant Sebastiŕ, Jaume I and Miramar. There’s also Tibidabo's Funicular that operates only when the amusement park is open and goes from Doctor Andreu Square in “Avinguda del Tibidabo) to the amusement park at the top of the mountain, this funicular can be reached though the tram Blau in John kennedy Plaza and leaves you at the Tibidabo Av in the entrance of the funicular.

As part of Barcelona transport there’s yet another funicular known as Vallvidrera in Tibidabo, it connects the village of the same name with the city and is open all year.

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