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Barcelona Buses

Although they are not perceived as convenient as the metro to move around in Barcelona because they rely on the very strenuous traffic of the city and they tend to operate during a shorter time than the Metro service, buses are plentiful, varied, and in the case of the Nitbus, the only option other than taxis at midnight, because it runs from 24:00 to 5:00 hours.

You’ll find the routes and timetables in the bus stops and find that most of them stop in Plaça de Catalunya; including the Aerobus and Turist Bus. There are 109 bus lines that cover the urban area of the city, especially the districts that have no access to the metro services. All the lines, maps and schedules are regulated by TMB (Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona) and their website offers all this information and more. To explain the kind of services they provide we named a few of the types of urban buses:
  • Night Buses or “Nitbus” are a bright yellow and they are marked with the letter “N,” they depart from the area around Pl. de Catalunya, but they don’t use the TMB passes that are valid in daytime since tickets can be bought directly from the driver at 1.25€ (one way). The night bus covers the city and Greater Barcelona towns from 24.00 hours to 5.00 am and keeps a website that provides up-to-date information.

  • Shopping Buses run along the main commercial streets of the city from pl. Catalunya to Paseo de Gracia and through Diagonal to pl. de Pius XII; they tend to be very spacious to provide room for the shopping lists, they have air conditioning and keep background music.

  • The Tourist Bus is, as its name indicates, a bus to visit the attractions of the city, inside, a tourist assistant announces the stops in different languages and the guides offered provide information about the sites in six languages. It allows you to get on and off the bus as many times as you want with only one ticket, which you can get in the tourist office, TMB posts, in the bus, or online through the Tourist Bus site. This type of bus has three routes and 44 stops that cover all the attractions of the city; two of the routes start in Pl. Catalunya and the other starts at the Olympic Port, it runs from 9.00 am till dusk.

  • The Montjuic Bus (PM) covers the Montjuic Mountain, it starts at Reina Maria Cristina Av (close to Pl. Espanya) and runs on Saturdays and holidays from 8.00 to 21.00, and on weekdays from 7:00 to 21:00.

  • There’s a Tibidabo Bus called “TibiBus” that departs from Pl. Catalunya up to the summit of the Tibidabo Mountain but this bus only operates when the amusement park is open, it leaves every 30 minutes so the last bus returning from the Tibidabo leaves thirty minutes before the park closes, and the tickets are sold in the same bus.

  • There’s also the bus of the port or “Port Bus” that operates only when Cruise ships arrive since it’s directed to transport cruise passengers, for this reason its timetable is varied and changes constantly adapting to the ships schedule. This buses part from the breakwater or “Rompeolas.”
The AeroBus, is an Airport bus that connects the center of Barcelona with El Prat Airport. The buses depart right in front of “El Corte Inglés” bus stop in Pl. de Catalunya every six to fifteen minutes) It costs around 4€ that you can pay inside the bus with a VISA card or TARJETA 6000, the rides from the Center to the airport are everyday (including holidays) from 5:30 to 00:15 and the rides from the airport back to the Center are from 6.00 to 01:00.

The ride lasts about thirty minutes to the airport depending on the traffic, and it stops in:
  • Plaza de Catalunya
  • Paseo de Gracia Corner (Diputació)
  • Roma Av (Urgell)
  • Sants station
  • Airport (A,B and C)
On the way back to the center the bus stops at:
  • Airport (A,B and C)
  • Plaza de Espanya,
  • Gran vía Corner (urgell)
  • Plaza universidad
  • Plaza de Catalunya

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