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The district of L’Eixample is a very touristic place; in fact there is a big number of Barcelona’s main tourist attractions that are located in L’Eixample. Let’s take for instance, the great work of a Barcelonan architect whose name was Antoní Gaudí. He built “Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família” which is located in L’Eixample; this particular construction is famous for not being finished by the designer. By the time of his death, it was less than 50% of what it was actually going to be once that the construction ended.

There are other places with Gaudí’s emblematic works; there is the Casa Milà, the Casa Ametller, the Casa Batlló, and there are also the schools of the Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) that are located right next to the Basilica of the Sagrada Família. The schools were destinated to the children of the people who were working on the construction of the Basilica.

Following the special architectural characteristics of L’Eixample, it is worth pointing out that the block of the city was designed in a very unusual way: the road was wider than the houses. It caused discomfort among the habitants of the city back in the day. Nowadays it is considered as a symbol of architectural beauty.

If you looking for a place to eat and drink quietly, there is a street called the Rambla of Catalonia; a rambla is a wide street with trees. The Rambla of Catalonia has many restaurants and sidewalk cafés where you can enjoy a good conversation. There are also many stores: Barcelona is a fashion city that embraces many designers who open stores where you can find good quality and good prices in clothes, shoes and accessories.

Last but not least, it is the well-known nightlife of L’Eixample, with its many bars and clubs; it is a city where people search for a good party time. There is also one attractive characteristic about the nightlife in L’Eixample; it’s a place where there is a big concentration of gay and lesbian bars. L’Eixample is really a place with a variety of touristic attractions.

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