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Ciutadella & Barceloneta

In the neighborhood of Ciutat Vella there is a park called Ciutadella. It is a historic park built in the field of the old city fortress that was built in the 18th century. It was the only park in the city for a really long period of time. It is an enormous park, the biggest around the entire city and there is a zoo inside the park. The city zoo is very famous for having the only known albino gorilla in the world; its name was “Copito de Nieve” which means little snowflake.

The Ciutadella Park is one of the biggest attractions, also because it was originally designed to be a residential area for the richest people in the city but due to failed intents of selling the lands, it became a part of the city. The famous Antoní Gaudí was a part of a big project that designed the structures of the waterfalls.

Near to the Ciutadella there is the La Vila Olímpica del Poblenou, a very famous neighborhood because it held the Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992. The entire city of Barcelona went through an period of improvements due to the Olympic Games.

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