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Restaurants in Barcelona

There are different types of Barcelonan restaurants. These restaurants are classified by the type of food, the price and the location. There is every kind of food for every kind of taste. The Verdi Park Street and Plaza del Sol street are good locations where you will find restaurants that offer international cuisine.

But if you’re going to visit Barcelona, you will possibly going to be more interested in trying typical Barcelonan food. Catalonian traditional food includes fresh fish, olive oil and mushrooms that are produced in the city. A good place to find good traditional food is The Born which is a very popular neighborhood because of its architectures and beautiful stores, restaurants and cafés. You may find it a little expensive; it is considered as one of the most chic and cosmopolitan areas in Spain.

Fusion cuisine also has a place in this beautiful city, Doctor Dou and Carme Street are the locations where you’ll find the best selections of restaurants that serve a combination that is called Mediterranean Fusion cuisine, a delight to any palate. Restaurants in Barcelona also have a great atmosphere with a great decoration and a good food service.

Some of the best restaurants around Barcelona are:

Restaurante Can Fabes
Sant Celoni-Sant Joan 6
Tel. 938 672 851
Just a 50 km. drive away from Barcelona, Can Fabes is considered to be one of Barcelona's two top restaurants (the other is San Pau).
Restaurante San Pau
Sant Pol de Mar Nou, 10
Tel. 937 600 662
One of Spain's top and most international women chefs, Carme Ruscadella's restaurant San Pau is set in a villa overlooking the sea and is a perfect example of how to create unique dishes by combining her imagination with traditional Catalan ingredients.
Restaurante El Raco d´en Freixa
Sant Elies, 22
Tel. 932 097 559
Ramon Freixa, another top chef, leads this restaurant and if you want to try one of Barcelona's elite establishments, this is probably the best as far as the price:quality ratio is concerned. Freixa's speciality is blending modern cooking techniques with traditional Catalan cooking, and the result is a selection of marvellous tastes and inventions.
Restaurante Hispania
(Arenys de Mar)
Real, 54,
Tel. 912 108 840
42 km from Barcelona centre, this restaurant is one of Barcelona's most prestigious and consolidated establishments. Also, it is quite a relief to find a relatively normal, if high-class, restaurant, serving good quality dishes with normal names. 
Restaurante Drolma
Paseo de Gracia 68 -70
Hotel Majestic
Tel. 934 967 710
People looking for sophistication and luxury should try this restaurant set in one of Barcelona's best hotels, el Hotel Majestic.The menu is short, offering classical dishes and is accompanied once again by an outstanding wine list.

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