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Markets & Supermarkets in Barcelona

When someone visits a city it may be for many different reasons: tourism, to visit a friend, stopovers, etc. but while they’re staying at the city, it is very common to feel attracted towards the charm of the city and end up buying something as a souvenir. In Barcelona you can find abundant places where you can go shopping, even if you are on a tight budget.

In Spain there are many flea markets that they know as “mercadillos” and it’s where you can find a great diversity of things, from handicrafts and furniture to secondhand clothes and books. Of course, the prices in the “mercadillos” are really low and they usually do not exceed the 50 Euros. There are also markets where you can buy all kind of foods and major products like olive oil and mushrooms.

There are many well-known supermarkets in Spain too; there are also department stores, drugstores, delicatessen, bakeries and all types of products that you may need during your visit or just to take them home. These stores can be found all around the city and some of them are open the 24 hours.

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