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Cafés & bars in Barcelona

The variety of cafés and bars in Barcelona is larger than you could ever imagine. Considering that Barcelona is a place with much diversity and tourism; there are all types of food and drink businesses. The most popular are the tapas bars which are like small restaurants; people prefer them because they are cheaper and open all day long.

Of course you can find bars of all kinds; if you are in a great partying mood you can find bars open even until 10am, but you have to be very lucky to find them. But if you are looking for something a little bit quieter, there are cafés where alcohol drinks are also served.

You can find a lot of bars and cafés in Barcelona that can suit every taste.

Bar Kasparo
Address: Placa de Vincenc Martorell 4 , 08080 Bacelona (Catalunya)
Phone: 933 022 072
Open dayli from 9 a.m. to midnight (closed all January)
Kasparo is a Bar/Café and Restaurant with a large outdoor terrace in the arcades of one of the city's more peaceful squares. Run by two Australians, Kasparo has good, cheap food – plenty of soups, salads and pasta, curries Thai and Indian, stews and chilli, with tapas and bocadillos available all day.
Buen Bocado
Cuisine: Arabe
Address: Carre dels Escudellers 31 , 08080 Bacelona (Catalunya)
Dishes: Falafel, shawarma, pasties, rastern sweet desserts.
Open dayli from 9 a.m. to midnight (closed all January)
Buen Bocado is a place where serve one of the best shawarmas in Barcelona. This is a simple place in the centre of the city where don't serve alcoholic drinks. Keep in mind that in "Buen Bocado" don't accept any kind of credit cards.
Cafe de l'Opera
Address: La Rambla 74 , 08080 Bacelona (Catalunya)
Open 8.30am-2.15am Mon-Thur; 8.30am-2.45am Fri-Sun. No credit cards. Café.
A popular cafe on La Rambla close to the junction to Calle ferran. In this place, attentive bow-tied waiters serve a reasonable selection of tapas. L'Opera is a fun café where you can often see the street performers and mimes of barcelona hang out in during their "publicity break". Given the atmosphere there’s no better place for a coffee on La Rambla.
English Oasis Cafe
Address:C/Sotstinent Navarro, 18, Gotico , 08002 (Barcelona)
Phone: 933106456
The English Oasis is a "Language Café" that was conceived as a place to meet, mix and network through English. They have language exchange two nights a week, pub quizzes, board games and more! The English Oasis Café offers a “taste of home” for those new to Spain, and for non-native speakers of English it offers the opportunity to practice English in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
Address:Placa de Gardunya s/n , 08080  Barcelona (Catalunya)
Phone: +(34) 9 34 23 18 68 - Reservations : +(34) 6 15 95 98 72
Xocolateria la Xicra
Address:Place de Sant Josep Oriol 2 , 08080  Bacelona (Catalunya)
Phone: 933.180.786
Open 9.30am-9:00pm Mon-Fri; 09:30h a 21:30h Sat-Sun

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