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Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Transport

Barcelona offers many ways of transportation that will make your life easy during your stay there. The city offers many options to move around it and most of them offer special discounts and facilities for tourists or Spanish living abroad. You can move around by metro, the most common and comfortable option, by car (rented or taxi); by train (to travel around or outside the city); by bicycle; taking a bus; using the tram, funiculars or car cables.

Barcelona Transport
Barcelona Metro Barcelona Buses Barcelona Trains
Barcelona Metro
Barcelona Metro offers tourists different lines and metro stops.
Barcelona Buses
Barcelona Buses are one of the most convenient methods of transfer around the city.
Barcelona Trains
Barcelona Transport information on Barcelona trains; find further information.
Barcelona Funiculars Barcelona Taxis Barcelona Driving & Car Rental
Barcelona Funiculars
Barcelona Funiculars & Cable cars are a common way to get around the city..
Barcelona Taxis
Barcelona has a metered taxi fleet governed by the Institut Metropolita del Taxi.
Barcelona Driving & Car Rental
Although traffic in Barcelona has terrible traffic conditions, car hire in Barcelona may be necessary.
Barcelona Cycling
Barcelona Cycling
The bicycle is a form of transport that is starting to play an important role in mobility in Barcelona.

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