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Spanish in Barcelona

Why is it important to study Spanish? Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and it will surely open many professional opportunities to you. It will help you tremendously if you want to travel to Spain or Latin America; besides, Spanish is a beautiful and vast language. That being said, what better place to study Spanish other than its own birthplace, Spain?

In Spain, there is a city that calls the attention for its architectural beauty, beaches and culture; that city is Barcelona. There are many advantages for people who wish to study Spanish in Barcelona; for instance, there are many museums and art representations that are a live picture of Spanish culture; such knowledge will be very helpful to improve the learning of the language.

In Barcelona you can find many Spanish schools that provide great facilities and are located in the most representative areas of the city. Barcelona has two official languages Castilian (which is Spanish in its official name) and Catalan. You will have the opportunity to learn both languages and be able to expand your culture about the world even more.

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