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Barcelona Nighlife

Barcelona nightlife is wild; in fact, Barcelona nightlife is known for being one of the most intense around Europe. Being a city with great history and art, Barcelona has an attractive contrast with the nightlife which gives a cosmopolitan air to the city itself. In Barcelona, you will find many clubs, bars and parties of all kinds where you’ll spend a nice time with friends and make new ones.

The neighborhood of Barri Gòticn is a place where you can find many clubs and bars with varied prices, but most of them are very cheap. This particular neighboord, for its big influx of tourists, is a target for pickpockets; so, you must be careful at all times.

Then we have the neighborhood of the Ensanche, most known for its Catalan name which is L’Eixample. This neighborhood is well-known for the large number of gay bars that are located there; for that reason, it has also become one of the most important gay community’s touristic destinations.

Another place not to miss is the complex Maremágnum, a huge mall full of stores, cafés, restaurants and clubs. Almost the half of the mall is full of clubs that open at night and close first thing in the morning. The mall is located near the port, so, it has a beautiful view of the sea. Club prices may be a little expensive, but it is totally worth it.

Barcelona Nightlife has options that will be suitable for every taste to spend a perfect party time, and also to know the beautiful city. To find a bar or club of your preference, you can take a look to a Barcelonean guide; these guides are usually found in hostels around the city.

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