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Eating in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city placed near the sea. Barcelona has a lot of particularities that make it a very endearing place. One of those characteristics is its cuisine. The specialty of Barcelona are sea food dishes like the Sarsuela which is a dish that consists of fresh fish and shellfish cooked with olive oil and with a sauce made with onions, garlic, sherry, tomatoes and paprika.

Just like the dish described before, many of the Barcelonan dishes are made with olive oil; this is because the city is a main producer of olive oil and itís known for making one of the best olive oil in the world. Another main Barcelonaís product is the garlic; a delicious ingredient that can be used for soups and sauces.

It is said that the origins of Barcelonan cuisine come from the Phoenicians, Romans, and Greeks. They were known for eating a lot of seafood and for having advanced fishing methods.

When visiting Barcelona you will realize that many restaurants use antique recipes; some of them are even from the middle age-some recipes may have been modified a bit but the food still keeps the essence that made it last so long. You will not miss the beverages either; there is a great selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that delightfully accompany the food.

To summarize, cuisine is one of the best Barcelonan features. It has diversity, new flavors, and delicious ingredients. Some restaurants of Barcelona offer a beautiful view of the Balearic sea which will serve as a delightful complement to your dining experience.

Cafés And Bars in Barcelona Breakfast, Snacks And Sandwiches Tapas Bars in Barcelona
Cafés And Bars in Barcelona
There are all kinds of bars in Barcelona.
Breakfast, Snacks And Sandwiches
Breakfasts in barcelona may include sublime fruit tarts, cheesecake, tarte tatin and all manner of breakfasty pastries
Tapas Bars in Barcelona
A typical Spanish street usually has more than one Tapas Bars.
Restaurants in Barcelona Markets, Supermarkets And Delis
Restaurants in Barcelona
Barcelona offers a huge variety of restaurants offering all types of food.
Markets, Supermarkets And Delis
Everybody loves a good market, the sights and sounds and the thrill of bargaining

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