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Arrival Barcelona

Arriving to Barcelona and reaching your destination or learning to move around is not very difficult, Barcelona has a very effective urban transportation; even if you arrive by Air, there are buses that take you from The Prat Airport to the centre of the city or even to Gerona Airport. You can also take a taxi, without being worried for security, they are very easy to recognize due to their black and yellow colour and they keep a visible list inside with the regulations and tariffs to everything.

Buses accept Visa and you can buy a ticked inside the bus with cash as well, most of them end or start in Plaça Catalunya, where you can reach the Metro, the most popular media of transport for tourists. Inside there are tourist offices and maps that will help you find your way around the city.

Whether you arrive by train, bus, ferry or car; you’ll be able to find your way around without any problem. Barcelona is also known for its unavoidable jam-packed traffic so we recommend you to use other mediums of transport to reach your hotel or accommodation at your arrival.

Arrival Barcelona
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Arrival Barcelona by Air
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Arrival Barcelona by Train
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Arrival Barcelona by Bus
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Arrival Barcelona by Ferry
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