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Arrival Barcelona by Train

The information about the trains companies in Barcelona has different types, depends of the kind of your travel, international train, national train and local train. The principal line London to Barcelona is Eurostar Company the most important National train company is RENFE. There are a lot of travels to around the Spain, to Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Málaga, Barcelona, Santander, Valencia and others of course in different classes. The RENFE is a rail network of Spain that almost travel to every city of this country. This company has the maximum support for the people because is considered the safety, comfortable, best quality and innovation. The principal train station is in Madrid, almost has all the connections with the cities of Spain, Barcelona has just three train connections with Madrid, Malaga and Bilbao.

Clot- Arago

Clot Arago is a railway station located in El Clot – Camp de l´Arpa in the district of San Martí. The service of this station is provided by Rodalies Barcelone in the different lines that has on the entire city. Some of the mid-distance are provide by Catalunya express lines, and the principal communication of this station Is the Barcelona Metro station Clot. Like every train station the construction is underground, under the Carrer de Aragó and Avinguda Meridiana.

Arc de Triomf

The Arc de Triomf station has this monument name cause the located near to the Arc de Triomf, but a many years before was the just Rodalies de catalunya railway station. The direct connection with the Metro network located in Eixample district, of course underground to, near to the Estació del Nord the principal international and national Europe bus station, The lines of Rodalies de Catalunya are: R1, R3, R4, R7 and regional line R12 operated by TMB Barcelona Metro line L1.

Plaça de Catalunya metro station

Cosiderate the principal station of Barcelona. The Plaça de Catalunya or commonly call just Catalunya is located in the region with the same name, the different system and controllers are: Rodalies de catalunya, Barcelona Metro and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, these different operators has different lines with routes of the city crossing the entire city. The three operators has a small station in the same Plaça station.

Sants metro station

The Sants station is the main station of the Metro and the principal operator is the Adif, and the last years become in the most used for the Spanish people. The different lines of Rodalies de Catalunya, Barcelona suburban railways services and regional services with different destinations. The name is because the neighborhood Sants. Couple years ago new parts of the station has been build and put the Spanish hight-speed train AVE.

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Arrival Barcelona by Train

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