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Arrival Barcelona by Ferry

Despite Barcelona becoming the Mediterranean’s foremost cruise ship harbour. There are very few companies and locations traveling to the city. This might be because up until the 1970s, before General Franco decided to make the port contribute to the mass tourism, Barcelona’s port didn’t offer much of scenery from any point of view. The port is located to the south of the Columbus monument, below “Ramblas,” and extends to Zona Franca.

Barcelona receives ferries from Rome and Livorno in Italy, and Palma de Mallorca and Mao in the Balearic Islands. The typical boats from the Balearic Islands offer beds in cabin of up to 4 people as well as high-speed-boats that make the sleeping arrangements unnecessary.

Barcelona’s port has nine terminals for passengers, three of them are destined for ferries while the rest are for Cruise ships.

Ferries depart daily for the Balearic Islands and there is a direct service to the port of Rome, Genoa and Algiers-Oran. Some of the companies that arrive to work in Barcelona are: In Spain
  • Trasmediterránea
  • Balearia
  • Iscomar
  • CondeMar - Grimaldi Group Grandi Navi Veloci
From Rome:
  • Grimaldi Ferries/ Trasmediterranea
From Algiers:
  • CNAN

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