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Barcelona Travel Guide

Arrival Barcelona by Car

You can reach Barcelona in many ways, arrival Barcelona by Car, the most popular ones are:

From the north:
  • Coming from France and North Catalonia – taking the AP7 for an average of 12 hours.
  • Coming from Perpignan – A trip of around 120 miles.
From the south and west:
  • Coming from Madrid – 384 miles.
  • Coming from Tarragona – 68 miles.
  • Coming from Valencia – 224 miles with some fantastic sights of the Mediterranean ocean.
From the north, once you get to the French border, La Jonquera, there’s an hour and a half left to reach Barcelona through AP7 that connects to Meridiana Av or “Avinguda Meridiana,” inside the city of Barcelona, and will help you reach the center of the city.

From the south or west, from any region already inside Spain, you’ll arrive through AP2 that connects with Diagonal Av or “Avinguda Diagonal” and eventually the center of the city.

Once in the center of the city it will be easy to locate a car parks; parking costs about 1.70 to 2 Euros per hour, although you can pay 22 Euros for a whole day.

Traffic in Barcelona is known to be very heavy during rush hours and traffic planners can change the direction of the streets very frequently to make it faster. Back to:
Arrival Barcelona

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