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Avila is an amazing place to visit because the city possesses interesting characteristics such as its exquisite food, its exceptional Mediterranean weather, its friendly local people, its wonderful landmarks and its spectacular buildings. In addition, the region has the most beautiful landscapes and great sceneries in the entire Mediterranean area. This city is a cultural place with a large number of festivals where local people gather together in public spaces to celebrate until the next day.

Avila is a medieval city with a fruitful historical background. In other words, the city of Avila where the art, gastronomy, celebration, culture, customs, nature and mysticism join together in order to show the majesty of the region. There are a lot of restaurants and bars that offer the traditional Spanish snacks called Tapas. In fact, itís a traditional custom go to these restaurants to eat Tapas and drink beer.

This site has a large number of Avila photos about the principalís features of the city such as monuments, churches, typical houses, landscapes, cathedrals and much more. Click on the pictures to see them clearly.

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