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Maps of Avila

It is a city located in the autonomous community of “Castilla y León.” Its total area is 231.9 km2 (89.5 sq mi).

The city borders are: Cardeñosa, Mingorría, San Esteban de los Patos, Tolbaños, Berrocalejo of Aragona, Mediana de Voltoya and Ojos-Albos on the north, Santa María del Cubillo on the east, Navalperal of Pinares and El Herradón of Pinares on southeast, Tornadizos de Ávila on the south, Gemuño on the southwest, The Fresno,La Colilla, Martiherrero and Marlín on the west and Bularros and Monsalupe on the northwest.

The city is 1131 meters (3665 feet) above sea level, the highest provincial capital in Spain. It is built on the flat summit of a rocky hill, which rises abruptly in the midst of a veritable wilderness: a brown, arid, treeless table-land, strewn with immense grey boulders, and shut in by lofty mountains. This results in an extreme climate, with very hard and long winters, and short summers. Click on the maps to enlarge them:

Avila Map
Avila Map
Avila Map
Avila Map

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