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Avila Travel Guide

Getting Avila

There are many interesting ways to get to Avila. Tourists can travel by plane, bus or train, just depends on how much money tourists want to spend on getting to this fascinating Spanish city. Once visitors arrive in the city, they are able to use the Avilaís public transportation system in order to visit the principal city sites.

By air
People who are interested in travelling by plane to Avila city, have to bear in mind that the most effective airport that holds domestic flights is the Madrid Barajas Airport. This Spanish airport is situated 15 km / 9 miles from Madridís downtown.

By bus
An interesting way to enjoy the spectacular landscapes and Spanish sceneries is by taking a bus and travelling around the country. In fact, it is an amazing alternative to properly know the city. There are plenty of transportation companies in Madrid that tourists can use to arrive to Avila safely. In addition, buses in Avila are the most convenient way of transportation because foreigners can visit nearby locations that are impossible to reach by walking or flying. These transportation companies provide an excellent service from Monday to Friday.

By train
There are 20 trains that travel from Madrid to the RENFA station in Avila each hour. The train journey takes approximately two hours and itís pretty affordable. Visitors can see all the magnificent landscapes along the way. There are other connections between Salamanca, Santander, Bilbao and Malaga Cities.

By car
Another interesting way to travel to Avila is by bus. Foreign people usually rent a car in Madrid in order to visit the nearby sites located around the country. Renting a car and visiting Avila from Madrid is really simple. They only have to take the N-V1 main road and then the M-505 via el Escorial.

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