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Eating in Avila

The Spanish food is truly exquisite. There are a large number of delicious dishes, wonderful deserts and amazing beverages in the country. As an example we can mention the Spanish meatballs, Spanish rice with clams and vegetables, Chickpeas with sausage and Paella.

However, as any other city with several traditions and cultural influences, Avila possesses an interesting cuisine with great flavors and good combinations. In fact, the Avila gastronomy has its origin in meats, lots of vegetables, local products and culinary influences of Christian, Hebrew and Muslim people.

The combination of these ingredients, flavors and influences made a rich and huge variety of special dishes that foreigners can eat throughout the year. Here is a list of the most representative dishes in Avila.
  • Tapas.
  • Yemas de Santa Teresa.
  • Chuletón de Avileno.
  • Judias del Barco de Avila.
  • Spanish sausage casserole.
  • Cabbage al ajoarriero.
  • Patatas revolconas.
  • Roast suckling pig.

There are several touristic restaurants such as Doña Guiomar, El Almacen, El Fogon de Santa Teresa and Alcaravea where tourists can eat the most delicious dishes of Avila. All the most exclusive restaurants are located in the city center next to the hotels. However, visitors can enjoy some exquisite Avila seafood in the seaside.

There are also a large number of Tapas Bars around the province where people can drink beer, talk and eat delicious snacks called tapas. The meal was created in the 18th century and the principal ingredients include mushrooms, cold potato omelette, cheeses, olives and meatballs.

Also knows as a tascas, the Tapas Bars are the favorite place for the majority of Spanish people because they can enjoy a large variety of tastes and socialize with friends at the same time. The bars are busy all the time; so, as an advice, visitors should go early if they want to find free tables.

There are many restaurants and "Tapas" in Avila where you'll eat lots of delicious dishes and deserts. Some restaurants are listed below:

Restaurant Las Leales
Address: Plaza de Italia 4 , 05080 Avila
Phone: 920211329
Posada del la Fruta
Address: 84 Plaza de Pedro Davila 8, 05080 Avila
Phone: 920220984
Restaurante Doña Guiomar
Cuisine: Regional (castellana-leonesa)
Address: Calle de Tomas Luis de VIctoria 3 , 05080 Avila
Prices: Main courses 20€ - 40€
Phone: 920253709
Cuisine: Regional (castellana-leonesa)
Address: Plaza de la Catedral no. 15
Prices: Cheaper than El Almacen and for the younger crowd.
Phone: 920 22 66 00
Las Cancelas
Cuisine: Castilian
Hours: Daily 1:30-4pm and 8:30-10:30pm
Address: Cruz Viejo 6, 05080 Avila
Phone: 920212249
Prices: Main courses 11€-18€ ($13-$21)
El Molino de la Lasa
Cuisine: Segovian
Hours: Tues-Sun 1:30-4:30pm and 9-11:30pm
Address: Bajada de la Losa 12, 05080 Avila
Prices: Main courses 19€-20€ ($22-$23)
Phone: 920211101
Hostería de Bracamonte
Cuisine: Spanish, Castilian
Hours: Wed-Mon 11:30-4pm and 9-11:30pm
Address: Bracamonte 6, 05080 Avila
Phone: 920251280
Prices: Main courses 7€-16€ ($8.05-$18)
El Almacen
Cuisine Creative cuisine
Address: Salamanca Road no. 6
Phone: 920 25 44 55

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