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Avila Attractions

Ávila possesses plenty of landmarks and tourist attractions around its territory. There are plenty of well-preserved monuments, big cathedrals, spectacular buildings, and amazing churches with fine architecture design that represent a live cultural legacy. In fact, the city has many cultural influences.

Visitors can find a large number of interesting sights and the attractions in Avila such as the city walls, the Deane’s Palace, the Davila´s Palace, the neighboring Los cuatro postes, the principal Cathedral, The Basilica de San Vicente and the Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas. In addition, the guide tours of the city center and surroundings are available only on weekends.

The city walls are one of the most representative constructions in Avila because they were built during the 11th and 12th century in order to surround the city and protect the citizens from the Moors. The walls possess nine gates and two towers. However, there are two principal gateways located in the east side of the town: The St. Vincent’s Gate (La puerta de san Vicente) and the Alcázar Gate (Puerta del Alcázar).

Also known as Las Murallas, this spectacular construction has 40 feet height, 2 km/ 1.5 miles of length and 88 cylindrical towers. Tourists are able to walk atop the city walls. The construction opens at 11: 00 to 14: 30 and 16: 00 to 18:30 from April to September. Another interesting tourist attraction in the city is the stunning gothic and Romanesque cathedral of Saint Salvador. The cathedral is an amazing building with three aisles respectively and was built between the 12th and 14th century.

The cathedral of Saint Salvador possesses interesting and important elements such as the cathedral museum that has sculptures and liturgical items, and it is considered as the principal sculpture even though it is not in a good condition due to air pollution. However, it’s being restored nowadays. Another part of the cathedral is the Monstrance which is inside the Museum cathedral and it’s where visitors can find a beautiful silver monstrance by Juan de Arfe. You can also find the Sacristy – A marvelous and fine room- and the Apostles doorway.

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