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Almeria History

The history of Almeria starts long before the Moorish occupation of the region. The city has kept traces of cultures such as Phoenicians, Romans, Tartessos and Visigoths. All these cultures were draw to this strategic location and natural beauty.

While the region of Almeria was occupied by the Moors, caliph Abdar-Rahmanof Córdoba built and founded the Alcazaba of Almeria, these spectacular building was the second largest fortress among the ones in Andalucía, only after Alhambra. Alcazaba has also other important edifications of that time: the Segundo Recinto, and the Ermita de San Juan chapel that was originally a mosque converted by the catholic monarchs.

The city was an important port in the caliphate of Cordoba; Almeria still raises its economic status because of the trade of textile.

During the 16th century, an earthquake hit the city yet the reconstruction of Almeria did not occur until 18th century.

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