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Eating in Almeria

Eating in Almeria is a nice experience, since it is a part of Spain and particularly because it is located in Andalucía.

Everybody knows about the quality and variety of the food in Spain. Almeria's cuisine specially, has an excellent flavor, influenced greatly by its location, since Almeria is a port; the main ingredientsare made of seafood.

Dishes like:

  • Gurullos. - A kind of dough used in many Spanish dishes.
  • Broth colorao. -It is a fish soup.
  • Moruna soup. -It is a traditional soup of Almeria that shows its morocco influence.
  • Black soup.- An ancient soup of the region, prepared with pork meat.The color is because of the addition of blood and wine.
  • Sufli frit. - It is an exotic dish of the region known by its secret recipe.
However, like in all the region of Spain, Almeria prefers "Tapas".

If you are looking for a place to hang out and enjoy the typical food in Almeria, it is recommended that you go to the restaurants and bars around the Puerta de Purchena in the end of Paseo de Almeria St. There are also cafés and bars in the area where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant trip.

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